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(5ive Star Publications Presents) Bruthas(5ive Star Publications Presents) Bruthas by J.L. Whitehead

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Bruthas

Author: JL Whitehead

Publisher: Four Brothers Publication

Release date (or anticipated release): 8/2/2011

ISBN: 9780983801009

ASIN (if applicable):

Ebook ISBN:

Specs: 6x9, 397 pages

Website (optional):

Category: Urban Fiction

Review Summary:

JL Whitehead writes a story not only about brothers, but family relationships and the life journey's they choose and sometimes their choices need to change. Nate has taken the wrong path in comparison to his brothers especially Jai, who works at a law firm, in a relationship with Taylor, and has a son, Joshua. Nate's reality is to make quick cash on the streets, hustling and bustling instead of working a 9 to 5. He desires the finer things in life but not willing to work hard for it. His mother, Thandi at sixty-three wants to best for her three sons and loves the bonding of family and willing to do what it takes to keep them united. Her other son, Ryan, is doted as the gay brother/son that Nate refuses to accept his lifestyle. However, Ryan still believes in God but unable to find a male companion who shares the same interests and able to love on all levels. Tamra is Ryan's closest friend on so many levels, and wants the best for her dear co-worker and friend.

Dream Moment(s): The author emphasizes some valid lessons and points on page 102-105, where some of us don't fit the profile and love doesn't hurt (in reference to character Maya, and Trenace is trying to tell her). We may not fit the profile but something came in our way to change our current status such as background, upbringing, and self-esteem, searching for love in all the wrong places, and not knowing our worth.

Dream Disaster (Nightmare(s)): There are numerous characters to keep up with but the pace isn't slow nor rushed and written so eloquently. The author can be also mindful of the tenses used. There was another thing that caught my attention on page 87 states "2011 Lincoln Navigator" was the new car offered to Nate and on page 199 reads "SUV" and this type of car is considered a truck than a SUV. Some of the typesetting put the words closely knitted together (e.g. diningroom and p.122 are some examples). "Descent" should be "descend" on page 127. These minor errors don't deter you from the overall novel.

Dream 4 More (Keep us Dreaming): This book reads more than just Urban Fiction, also has the element of Suspense and sprinkle of Mystery. The reader is able to see who the murder/killer is but other characters are trying to figure out who it is responsible for these sporadic murders. Whitehead also takes us into the mindset, emotions or feelings of the characters, and sets up the scene nicely in most aspects of the novel. This is not just another Urban-street lit book, it captivates the reader into the dark side of the streets known as the "Block" and the horrid side of a crack head with a gory-like feel to it.

Dream 4 More Reviews received the novel "Bruthas" from the author for a book review.

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