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Adrienna Dionna Turner  


God is in the Equation Series (Dream 2 Speak) Speaking Events

Lessons are not limited to for speaking engagements or telecasts offered in 2013 and beyond: (Desire God Series) derived from God is in the Equation and Desire at Will books.

Other lessons taught for future speaking bookings and ministries:

  1. Thankful for our God-given Gifts
  2. Preparation and Separation
  3. What's in your Equation?
  4. Completion Jesus Factor
  5. Prayers Answered
  6. Delivery Comes Through Prayers
  7. Praise for a Breakthrough
  8. Results in our Worship

Honorarium for Speaking Engagements/Ministry.  Adrienna Turner is usually accompanied with Lady Dee Dee Turner for speaking events, conferences, and workshops.


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